The more that we learn about people who lived in Cooktown, the more we learn about Cooktown.

The Cooktown & District Historical Society is building an archive of our history so that people now and in the future retain the history of our area, here in Cooktown.

We invite you to donate any information about families, events or anything about Cooktown that you may know. In return if you would like to know more about your ancestors or people of Cooktown in general, there are volunteers ready to help; payment being a donation to the Cooktown Historical Society.

We are also keen to build up our collection of photos on Cooktown and the region. If you have any photos of Cooktown, or its families, we would be interested in obtaining copies from you. You keep the original. We have the technology to copy while you wait, if you don’t wish to part with your photos, Alternatively, you could scan them at about 600dpi if possible, and send the CD to us at PO Box 595,Cooktown, 4895.

We would be most appreciative.