The Cooktown & District Historical Society has been working towards having all information placed on a searchable database, to enable searches to happen very easily and very fast.

To date (2019), we have more than 50,000 names on our various data bases. These people were all early residents or visitors to Cooktown from 1873.

The following databases have been digitised and are currently in use by our society:

Index to Cooktown and Palmer

• Births [1874—1905]

• Deaths [1874—1945]

• Marriages [1874—1907]

• Cooktown Cemetery Register [1874—2000]

• Maytown Cemetery — photos and plan of cemetery, plus details of burials

• Coen Cemetery — photos and details of burials

• Register of lone graves in the Cooktown area [still growing]

• Residents and property owners [1878 and various years from 1890 until 1948] — shows property description as well as owners of properties

• Cooktown businesses and locations [1874 and 1886] — taken from advertisements in newspapers and almanacs

• Cooktown State School admission registers [incomplete due to missing years]

• Boys school 1885—1921

• Girls school 1919—1921

• State school 1921—1941

• Cooktown volunteers in WWI shows extensive research with military and civilian details

• Electoral rolls of 1877, 1883, 1899, 1914 & 1920

• Publicans of Cooktown and the surrounding areas up to 1900

• Post office directory [1889—1947]

• Daintree Divisional Board rates [ 1880—1887]

• Hann Divisional Board rates [ 1880—1932 ]

• Cooktown Municipal Council rates [ 1893—1932]

• Cook Shire rates [ 1919—1952]

• Photographic, document and map collection—the documents have been indexed so that any reference to individuals can be easily located.

We are currently working on cataloging our collection of more than 10,000 photographs, as well as indexing our collection of local newspapers from 1986 to the current day.

We also have access to the James Cook Museum’s collection of photographs and documents, as well as the Rossville Historical Society’s collection.

We are a deductible gift recipient society. That is, if you wish to make a monetary donation to the society, we can give you a receipt so you can claim it back on your tax.

Please contact the society for direct debit details.